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Nanosuit Guide - Campaign

07 Mar 2013

Crysis 3’s Nanosuit builds up on the highly advanced exoskeleton created by Crynet Systems. The Nanosuit offers various features that most players would be familiar with, and most enemies learn to fear it, both in single-player and in multiplayer. There are a number of features available in each Nanosuit, but the most important ones are: armor, strength, and cloaking abilities. Using these various features will slowly drain the suit's energy, forcing players to slow down as the suit recharges itself.

In the campaign, basic Nanosuit features such as jumping, grabbing ledges and sprinting all drain suit energy. Other attacks and features rely on combinations of these basic features, such as the Air Stomp and the Slide.


Nanosuit Functions



More advanced functions of the Nanosuit drain considerable amounts of energy when in use. The Nanosuit’s energy can be used to power the suit’s cloaking feature, which activates an active camouflage that hides the player, allowing you to strike stealthily. Cloaking drains energy based on how fast the player moves. Should any weapon be fired, the camouflage will be removed; the only exception is the Predator Bow, which will not remove the cloak when fired, but will still continue to drain energy.



In addition to the cloaking feature, you can also activate Armor Mode. Armor mode will absorb damage taken in shoot-outs, high falls and other sources of damage, allowing you to survive deadly situations. While active, it will slowly drain suit energy and will use more as you take more damage.


Tactical Visor

Another feature of the Nanosuit is the Tactical Visor. Tagging is useful when preparing to attack the enemy. Use the Tactical Visor to automatically tag enemy soldiers and ammo caches so they appear on the HUD and Navigation Panel. To tag anything in the environment, use the visor and center it on the screen and it will be tagged automatically. Once a unit has been tagged, a coloured triangle will appear over their head to determine the threat level:

Green - The enemy has not seen you and is unaware of your presence.

Orange - The enemy is aware of you and is alerted, but cannot see you and does not know where you are.

Red - The enemy can see you, is aware of you, and is ready to attack you.

Hacking is another thing the Tactical Visor can do. Anything visible to you can be hacked, as you simply have to place the target at the centre of the view. Hacking is not limited to security panels, but can also be used for disabling mines and hacking enemy turrets.

Nanovision is another feature of the Tactical Visor. When active, the Nanovision's enhanced visual filter reveals the energy signature of all enemies in the area which is useful to help locate hidden targets even in the dark. Using Nanovision consumes suit energy while it is active.


Suit Modules and Upgrades

The Nanosuit is what makes you superior in the game, with all the features of the Nanosuit. You have the options of making the suit a bit more powerful by purchasing Suit Modules. In order to do this, you need to locate Nanosuit Upgrade Kits around the game world, there are 25 upgrade kits and their locations are listed at the end of this article.

Each Nanosuit Module increases the suit’s capabilities to varying degrees. You’ll have to come up with the combination that suits your style of play! Keep in mind though that the Nanosuit can only have up to four modules equipped at a time.

Each module can also be upgraded automatically through the completion of various tasks while using the module, which are relatively simple to complete.


Assassin - 25% faster Stealth Kills, retain Cloak in stealth kill.

Upgrade: Increase to 50% faster Stealth Kills by performing 25 Stealth Kills.

Brute Force - 25% stronger Power Kick, unlock Air Stomp.

Upgrade: Increase Air Stomp range by 25% by performing 15 Power Kick kills and 15 Air Stomp kills.

Deflection - 50% Bullet Impact Dampening, 50% Faster Knock-Back Recovery.

Upgrade: Increase to 75% by absorbing 150,000 points of damage.

Endurance - 33% Longer Sprint Time, Unlocks Hydro Thrusters

Upgrade: Increase to 50% by sprinting a total of 3,000 meters and swimming 1000 meters.

Extended Cloak - 20% Longer Cloak Time, Unlock Stealth Movement

Upgrade: Increase to 33% by remaining cloaked near enemies for 100 Seconds

First Aid - 20% Faster Health Regeneration, 20% Critical Health Boost

Upgrade: Increase to 33% by surviving 10 Near-Death Moments and regenerating 25,000 Health

Heavy Armor - 20% Stronger Armor, 20% Less Fall & Burn Damage, 33% Slower Armor Movement

Upgrade: Increase from 20% to 33% by absorbing 150,000 damage.

Light Armor - 25% Faster Movement, 25% Extra Melee Protection, 50% Less Armor Protection

Upgrade: Increase from 25% to 50% by absorbing 100,000 damage.

Reflex Boost - 25% Faster Movement, 25% Extra Melee Protection, 50% Less Armor Protection

Upgrade: Increase to 33% by killing 50 enemies within 1 second after aiming down the sights.

Sensor Upgrade - Radar / Zoom Upgrade, Unlock Hack Assistance, Enemy Sound Boost

Upgrade: Double effectiveness by tagging 25 enemies.

Super Stealth - 50% Faster Cloaking, 50% Scanner Resistance, Highlight Enemy Footprints

Upgrade: Increase to 75% by cloaking near enemies for 100 seconds.

Super Strength - 25% Stronger Throwing, Unlock Power Melee

Upgrade: Increase to 50% by grabbing 25 enemies and Power Melee 25 enemies.

Threat Detector - Shows enemy tracer fire, Highlights Hazards, Highlights Explosives

Upgrade: Increase highlight range by 50% by tagging 20 targets.

Vertically - 50% Faster Ledge Grabs, 50% Less Energy for Power Jumps, Unlock Aiming for Power Jumps

Upgrade: Increase to 75% by performing 30 Power Jumps and 30 Ledge Grabs.

Weapon Handling - 50% Faster Semi-Automatic Fire, Unlock Weapon Stabilization

Upgrade: Increase to 75% by killing 50 enemies.


Upgrade Locations

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits will appear simply as grey–painted metal boxes with the white "CRYNET SYSTEMS" painted on them, that you can pick up to collect when you stand next to it.

Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #1 – #4: Pretty basic and impossible to miss. Psycho will point out this bunch of Nanosuit upgrades. This will happen when you are on your way to the Facility.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #5: In the jungle you will get the optional objective of hacking a CELL pod. If you do so and go past the ruined highway, you will find the kit.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #6: In the later stages of the mission you will be exploring a train. An objective marker will appear on a zipline. Use the zipline and after that turn right. Explore the train car to locate this last kit in this mission.

Mission 3: Root of all Evil

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #7: In the bunker with the alarm lights. Inside will be a CELL pod. Hack it and the kit will be inside it. It will be in the very early stages of the mission.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #8: This kit is located in the most northernmost tower of the Dam. More specifically, it is inside a generator beyond a series of terminals.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #9: After leaving the Dam, you will have the option of going to the crashed helicopter. There will be a kit in its wreckage.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #10: In the underwater cave there is an optional path to the right. There you will find the kit.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #11: This kit is in the pool of water behind the big domed shaped facility.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #12: Try to locate a blue building on the catwalks around the center of the CELL facility.

Mission 4: Safeties Off

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #13: After you have passed a Chinese market and are on the second level of a damaged building. There will be a CELL resupply cache on this level. Check inside for the kit. It will be on a counter close by.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #14: There will be a zipline and it will be marked as a primary objective. To the left of it will be a doorway, go through it to find the kit on a table inside.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #15: This one is inside the CELL lab facility. Search around for a blue supply shack connected to the center ring of the catwalks.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #16: When you are going down the stairs to meet Psycho in the lab. You will pass by a room to your right with a kit hanging on a wall.

Mission 5: Red Star Rising

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #17: To the right of the big tune that connects the rooftops, get onto the roof on the right and jump down through the ceiling to find the kit.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #18: Before reaching your Ceph target, look behind the building out in the open. You will the kit in a small clearing.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #19: After receiving Clair’s distress call, you will come by a group of wrecked vehicles. The kit is near one of the destroyed APCs.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #20: You will receive and optinal objective of destroying the command center defense system. Search beneath the catwalks at the base to locate this kit.

Mission 6: Only Human

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #21: Just after your first objective. It can be found inside the CELL ammo cache.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #22: While going up, destroy the second Ceph aerial defense. Scan the area to find the kit along with an ammo cache.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #23: Just complete the first secondary object in this mission to find this kit inside a cave.

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #24: Complete the second optional objective of the mission and you will find the kit inside a downed VTOL.

Mission 7: Gods and Monsters

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #25: While entering the Ceph part of the underground, you will go through a tight corridor with a small alcove above it and a CELL ammo box on the ledge. Scan and check the ledge to find the last kit.

Check out our next article detailing how the Nanosuit functions in multiplayer!

Written by Luis Guevara


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