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BOPS2 Perk Guide

18 Sep 2012

Black Ops 2 will embrace the perks mechanism, so players can enhance abilities and use the upgrades as a tactical advantage - completely different combinations for single player vs multiplayer.


Here are the tiered perk combinations coming up in Black Ops 2, based off the "pick 10" class creation system.


Tier 1

 - Flak Jacket, player takes less explosive damage

 - Ghost, cannot be seen by enemy UAV's while on the move

 - Blind Eye, untouched by computer controlled perks

 - Hardline, bonus points

 - Lightweight - reduces damage from falls, and allows for faster movement


Tier 2

 - Hard-wired, makes the player immune to counterUAV and offensive EMPs

 - Scavenger, ammunition is replinished from fallen enemies, along with grenades

 - Cold-blooded, makes the player resistant to targetting systems and controlled quads

 - Toughness, less flinch when taking fire and damage

 - Fast hands, quick weapon switch, throw back enemy grenades and faster equipment use


Tier 3

 - Engineer, player can identify enemy equipment, delay bombs and re apply booby traps

 - Dead Silence, makes the player silent when moving

 - Extreme conditioning, run longer

 - Tactical mask, flash concussion and shock charges have less effect

 - Awareness, enemy movements become accented and more obvious

 - Dexterity, aim faster after running, climb faster, and recover from combat better


Yeah, some pretty nasty combinations there. Nice.

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